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it dont just sound deep, its realizing your limitless.. freemind

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Detroit’s Famous Renaissance-Style Parking Garage

This parking garage used to be a big theatre;
'When it opened in 1926 at a cost of $5 million, the Michigan Theater was one of the largest in the state, seating over 4,000 people. Serving as a traditional theatre, concert hall and movie house, the venue boasted 10-foot crystal chandeliers, mezzanine seating for black tie guests only, and a magnificent gilded lobby, four stories high and covering 1,000 square feet. Suffice to say, the Michigan was a marvel of the entertainment world and symbol of Detroit’s manufacturing preeminence.’
Photos by Jim Garrett.

now that’s what I call set design..

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Once you come to understand the power that you hold within yourself, you won’t need a book to tell you how to live. Your very spirit, your own energy will guide you through your lifetime. Always remember that before these books came around that we hold so dearly today, there were people. We were created with all the gifts we need in life right inside of us. All you need to do is Reawaken this power because through the years of Brainwashing and oppression we’ve lost it. Understand who you are and what you possess. You don’t need any book to guide you through life. Everything you search for is in you. You have power. Africans used to believe they could connect with the spirits of their ancestors and that spiritual energy alone would give them the wisdom and strength to guide them in the right direction. Reconnect with your ancestors. Reconnect with your roots. Remember, we come from greatness.
Written By @KingKwajo